The Top 3 Reasons to Dance Ballroom While Single!

You don’t need to bring a partner to dance class to dance ballroom! It is 100% okay to go by yourself. Below are three additional perks to dancing ballroom while single. 

Reason 1: You’ll Make New Friends

Ballroom is a place where you will meet some fun new people! It’s a good place to go to relieve stress after work. As you learn new dances and change partners, you will find yourself becoming friends with a whole different group of people. Often times these friendships will grow beyond just being “friends at ballroom,” and you will find yourself hanging out with them outside of dance class.

Not to mention changing partners often means that you have to learn to talk with new people on a regular basis. You will find socializing with others at work will become easier the longer you dance. This will impress bosses and clients alike because they will feel like you are easy to “click” with, and good communication skills are looked for in the workplace.

Reason 2: You’ll Gain Confidence

Learning to dance teaches you to be confident even when you don’t feel confident. You learn to stand tall and dignified and go with the flow of the music. As you learn the steps, you start dancing with pride: you can finally do that one turn in Cha-Cha that normally trips you up! This confidence carries over into your life.

At work you start to notice you are standing taller, your back is straight, and your chin is up. When you talk to that cute co-worker you walk over with all the grace you’ve acquired from the learning the FoxTrot. Since you switch partners in class you will easily be able to smile and talk to them!

While presenting in front of your boss you seem to command the room just like your instructor taught you to do with the Rhumba. The day your supervisor was frazzled because the plans for the project have been changed drastically, you were able to go with the flow with because you know that sometimes the dance doesn’t go how you want it to.

As we all know, confidence is palpable and draws people to you. This is a great skill to have at work when presenting or even just going to club with your friends.

Reason 3: You Will be a Great Partner in Dance

Dancing with a different partner every class (or in some cases, multiple partners) means that you have to learn to adapt to that person's style quickly. The more you are able to adapt to your partner’s dance style, the better of a dancer you will become yourself. You will also become a coveted dance partner because you will be quick on your feet. If you are a girl, this means you will have partners who start trying more fun moves with you because you will be able to keep up. If you are a guy, that means you are going to be a GREAT lead: girls will want to dance with you because you will be easy to follow and fun to dance with since they don’t have to guess what you want.