Dance with Feel is the non-profit project for community and participatory dance, driving forward inclusion and excellence through professional development, resources & safeguarding services, specialist programmes & networks. It supports a worldwide network of members - dance artists, practitioners and organisations - who make great dance happen in all its diversity. Our membership reaches thousands of dance professionals worldwide.

We have more than 30 years’ combine experience of working to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy dance. This work is also focused on driving excellence in community dance practice. We are inspired by our firm belief that everyone has a right to experience dance.

Our artistic values

These underpin our activities and the way we champion equality, diversity and inclusion. Our artistic values call on us:

  • To place people, their aspirations, rights and choices at the centre in providing opportunities for individuals and communities to operate creatively and artistically

  • To respect everyone’s right of equal access to quality experiences in dance of all kinds

  • Not to be limited by form, style or convention and to embrace digital possibilities

  • To contribute positively to people’s health and wellbeing, resilience, social relationships and creative learning

  • To develop dance as an artform, working with highly skilled and professionally developed dance artists and practitioners.